Self-adhesive door / window sealer "D" profile - 100 m white 9 mm


Our doors and windows ability to seal spaces lessens with the passing of time, this is especially true to wooden doors and windows. These gaps make it possible for hot air to leave in the winter, this decreases our property's heating efficiency, thus increasing costs. While in the summer heat our estates heat up faster thanks to the warm air flowing in.

With the help of this sealing rubber strip you can easily renew your doors and windows sealing ability. Self-adhesive, easy to use, can be placed on doors and windows without expertise. Made from quality material, can resist weather conditions for long times.

  • Weather resistant (UV, heat resistant)
  • Quality rubber strip
  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy to install
  • White colour

Profile: "D"
Width: 9 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Length: 100 m (2 x 50 m)
Sealing ability: 2 - 5 mm
Colour: White
Material: Rubber - EPDM
Weight: 61 g
Heat resistant: -50°C - +60°C
Avrage lifetime: 8 years