Digital safe with fingerprint reader and keypad - 352 x 250 x 252 mm


Store your valuables, jewelry, and passports in a safe place in a large, strong safe. Fingerprint scanner and PIN protection for your irreplaceable items, capable of storing 120 fingerprints, thus excluding unauthorized persons. The security code can be a 3 to 5-digit number string that is completely unique. If you forget your PIN, you can only use the master key to unlock the safe. "Dual mode" provides advanced protection, so just a fingerprint or just a PIN is not enough to unlock the safe, you need to use them together.

  • Tough, strong design
  • Elegant look
  • With keypad
  • 1-5 digit PIN
  • 1 minute ban after 3 incorrect code entries
  • Digital lock
  • One way closing with 19,5 mm steel rod
  • 90 ° door opening with right hinges
  • Removable shelf
  • 2 pcs key (included)
  • Build in capablility
  • Energy efficient - 4 x AA battery
  • External power supply (in case of internal battery depletion)

Attention! Never place the received key and the external power supply in the safe!

Energy supply: 4 x AA (included)
Outer size: 352 x 250 x 252 mm
Inner size: 348 x 220 x 248 mm
Steel wall thickness: 2 mm
Door thickness: 46 mm, 4,2 mm steel coating
Inside: bottom cloth
Weight: ~9,5 kg
Mounting: 4 mounting hole (2 backside, 2 bottom),
2 screw + 2 metal dowel (included)