Pop-up power socket 3x + 2 USB - Black


Pop-up power socket with metal housing and 3x child protection sockets for offices and homes. Your table and furniture should always look elegant and organized, yet functional. . A hidden distributor can be an excellent solution, for example, if you have a ready-made kitchen, but there is not enough power outlet at the desired location. The hidden distributor is a great alternative so you don't need to break the wall or do any electric network job. With a simple move you will have 3 free sockets. It is ideal for electrical devices that are not constantly used, such as toaster, kettle etc. When not in use, the distributor can be hidden in one move, making it easier to clean, and provide a slick look to the room.

  • 3 x sockets with child protection
  • 2 x USB sockets

Operating voltage: 230 V
Max. current: 16 A
USB power output: 2,4 A
Max. power load: 3680 W
Cable length: 1,5 m
Installation diameter: 97 mm
Color Black